In addition to a major in sociology, you may select an emphasis consisting of 9 or more credits in a specified area.

Emphasis study areas ARE NOT formal programs and ARE NOT REQUIRED for either a major or minor. They have been developed by the department faculty to assist students and their advisors in planning elective course choices within the major or minor. We believe that they can be very effective for students who wish to explore potential vocational leads or test the strength of their interest in areas for graduate study. Further information may be obtained from the faculty who teach the listed courses or from the Department Chairperson.

Deviance/Social Control

Background education for citizen participation and/or careers in the administration of justice (law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole) or graduate training in the field of criminal justice, criminology, deviance, or law:

  • Sociology 230 - Criminology
  • Sociology 306 - Social Aspects of Substance Abuse
  • Sociology 332 - Juvenile Delinquency
  • Sociology 333 - Corrections
  • Sociology 368 - Sociology of Mental Health


Students considering careers in child welfare or family counseling can secure basic courses and discover whether they really wish to pursue such careers or are fitted to them.

  • Sociology 224 - Sociology of Childhood
  • Sociology 225 - Sociology of Adolescence
  • Sociology 240 - Marriage and the Family
  • Sociology 322 - Culture and Personality
  • Sociology 343 - The Family: Cultural Perspectives


  • Sociology 360 - Population Problems
  • Sociology 300 - American Community
  • Sociology 356 - Urban Sociology
  • Sociology 357 - Sociology of Planning
  • Anthropology 350 - Cultural Ecology​
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