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Criminal Justice Minor

The Criminal Justice minor will prepare students for work in the criminal justice field. It is designed to provide students with the courses needed for a successful career in criminal justice agencies and for graduate work in criminology and criminal justice. A minor in Criminal Justice is useful preparation for a career in police work, corrections, parole, youth programming, counseling, public and social services.
The Criminal Justice minor has 22-33 credits

Criminal Justice Minor Required Classes - 9 credits
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology, 3 cr.
SOC 230 Criminology, 3 cr.
SOC 332 Juvenile Delinquency, 3 cr. OR SOC 301 (with subtitle Juvenile Delinquency), 3 cr.
Criminal Justice Minor Electives select 3 classes - 9 credits
SOC 102 Social Problems, 3 cr.
SOC 270 Minority Groups, 3 cr.
SOC 306 Social Aspects of Substance Abuse, 3 cr.
SOC 333 Corrections, 3 cr.
SOC 327 Social Inequality, 3 cr.
SOC 368 Sociology of Mental Health, 3 cr.
SOC 395 Select special topic course relating to criminal justice, 3 cr.
POLI 212 Law and Legal Systems, 3 cr.   
PHIl 315 Philosophy of Law, 3 cr.   
POLI 386 Politics of Terrorism, 3 cr.   
POLI 335 Law and Society, 3 cr.
NRES 392 Environmental Law Enforcement Theory and Principles, 3 cr.   
Select  one of the Applied Requirement options - 4-15 credits
SOC 492 Applied Sociology Practicum, 3-6 cr. AND SOC 493 Applied Sociology Seminar, 1 cr.
SW 494 Applied Social Work Practicum, 8 cr. AND SW 495  Applied Social Work Practicum Seminar, 1 cr.
NRES 393 Law Enforcement Recruit School, 15 cr.

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Criminal Justice Coordinator, Professor of Sociology
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