Sigma Mu Tau

Sigma Mu Tau is a student organization that strives to develop social and professional interest in the fields of clinical laboratory science, pre-nursing, and other health care related fields among the student population at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Our goal is to bring about educational interaction between the students of the university and the educational coordinators affiliated with various hospitals and organizations.

The purpose of the Sigma Mu Tau student organization is to provide a place where members are able to discuss thoughts and ideas. By doing so, a networking system is created that provides knowledge in the fields of clinical laboratory science, nursing and other health care professions. One of the greatest advantages of networking is getting to know others who can help you.

Sigma Mu Tau believes that leadership begins at the university level. We believe that as a student organization we can make a difference in the community and be of service to the community. We also believe in the power of education. We strive to bring educational speakers and to provide opportunities for educational field trips.

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