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RN to BSN Completion Program: Curriculum

Students require 120 credits to graduate with a baccalaureate degree. The program consists of 31 nursing credits and approximately 30 credits of support and general education courses. Candidates accepted to the program may be eligible for the transfer of up to 72 credits inclusive of nursing and general education (see Prior learning credit). Each transcript will be evaluated for completion of requirements in the general education program and the major.

Prior learning credit​ ​
Physiology​, Anatomy, Microbiology, Psychology, Developmental Psychology,
 Sociology, Speech, Written/Oral Communication

Program Requirements

Course sequence: Students are advised to complete BSN Support Courses prior to registering for courses in the major. General education and nursing courses may be taken in any order, except where noted within each course description and its specified prerequisites.
BSN Support Courses: Chemistry (college level), Biochemistry (survey course), Statistics, English 202
General Education Courses​ ​
​ *Humanities 3 Credits​
*​Art ​3 Credits
*History​ ​3 Credits
*Environmental Responsibility​ ​3 Credits
Wellness​ ​1 Credit 
**Global Awareness​ ​3 Credits
*6 credits must be at 300/400 level
**May be satisfied in conjunction with other required credits​
​ Nursing Major Courses​
310 Professional Essentials ​ ​1 Credit 
​407 Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice ​3 Credits
​441 Chronic Care Management ​3 Credits
​446 Research & Evidence-Based Practice ​3 Credits
​447 Leadership and Management ​3 Credits
452 Aging and Health ​3 Credits
​​453 Information Management and Health Care Technology ​3 Credits
​454 Community Health Nursing ​3 Credits
​486 Selected Topics ​6 Credits
​455 Concepts in Nursing Practice (capstone) ​3 Credits
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