Military Science and Leadership Courses

Basic Courses

MSL 101. Introduction to Military Leadership I. 1 cr.
Introduction to Army profession and military leadership. Explore the seven Army values and 16 Army leadership dimensions, plus the core competencies critical to effective leadership such as time management, problem solving, decision making. Develop useful manager and leader skills whether military or civilian. This course is taught in a seminar format with practical exercises.
Open to all students. 1 hr lec per wk. Prereq: Con reg in 111

MSL 102. Introduction to Military Leadership II. 1 cr.
Continuation of 101, expanding ability to apply problem-solving and decision-making processes and further develop military leadership and competency. Open to all students. 1 hr lec per wk.
MSL 111. Fall Leadership Lab. 1 cr.
Off-campus weekend leadership orientation in a military environment with outdoor physical activities to support 101 curriculum. Includes pugil stick, obstacle course, rappelling and airborne tower training. Prereq: Con reg in 101. GDR:WL/AA
MSL 121. Fall Leadership Lab. 1 cr
Continuation of 111.Prereq: Con reg in 201. GDR:WL/AA

MSL 153. Advanced Physical Training. 1 cr.
Techniques to improve muscular strength and endurance and cardio-respiratory capacity. Includes strength and aerobic exercises, water confidence training, distance running, military drills and team sports. Open to all students. GDR:WL/AA

MSL 154. Advanced Physical Training. 1 cr.
Continuation of 153. Open to all students. GDR:WL/AA
MSL 201. Innovative Tactical Leadership. 3 cr.
Identify successful leadership characteristics through practical exercises. Record observed traits/situations to illustrate concepts and apply situational leadership analysis. Develop personal leadership style. Includes physical training and leadership lab. 2 hrs lec, 2 hrs lab per wk. Optional con reg in 121. Prereq: 101, 102, or cons instr.
MSL 202. Leadership in Contemporary Military Environments. 3 cr.
Includes team building, influencing action, effective communication for setting/achieving goals, importance of timing a decision, creativity in problem-solving process, obtaining team buy-in through immediate feedback. Transition for MSL Advanced Course. Physical training and leadership lab. 2 hrs lec, 2 hrs lab per wk. Prereq: 101, 102, 201, or cons instr.

Advanced Courses

MSL 301. Adaptive Team Leadership. 4 cr.
Study, practice and evaluate adaptive leadership attributes, skills and actions through individual leader and small unit tactical scenarios. Receive systematic and specific feedback on leadership abilities. Prepare for Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC). Physical training and leadership lab. 2 hrs lec, 5 hrs lab per wk. Prereq: 101, 102, 201, 202, advanced placement, or cons chair.
MSL 302. Leadership and Ethical Decision Making. 4 cr.
Increasingly intense situational challenges for leading small units. Explore, evaluate, develop skills in ethical decision-making and persuading/motivating team members when under pressure. Aspects of contemporary military operations to foster proficiency in leadership ability and to prepare for LDAC. How to think as a leader in today's military. Physical training and leadership lab. 2 hrs lec, 5 hrs lab per wk. Prereq: 301 or cons chair.
MSL 399 (Sec 1). Special Work in Contemporary Military Leadership. 1-3 cr.
Design individual study plan in consultation with MSL faculty. May repeat for 7 cr max. Prereq: Cons chair.
MSL 399 (Sec 2). American Military History. 3 cr.
Employ the critical thinking and problem solving methodologies of military history to enhance understanding of bias, perception, cause and effect. Instill an appreciation for the study of military history, develop an understanding of how the U.S. Armed Forces have evolved, and convey a broader understanding of U.S. history. 3 hrs lec per week. Prereq: cons chair.
MSL 401. Building Adaptive Leaders. 4 cr
Develop proficiency to plan, conduct and assess complex operations; function as member of Army command and staff team. Teach, coach, mentor fellow cadets. Explore Army training management, methods of effective staff collaboration, and developmental counseling techniques. Physical training and leadership lab. 2 hrs lec, 5 hrs lab per wk. Prereq: 302 or cons chair.
MSL 402. Leadership in a Complex Security Environment. 4 cr.
Dynamics of leading in complex situations of current military operations. Examine cultural influences in military operations, military law, laws for land warfare and rules for use of military force in asymmetric warfare. Aspects of interacting with nongovernmental organizations, civilians on the battlefield and host nation support. Completes transition from student/cadet to Army lieutenant. Physical training and leadership lab. 2 hrs lec, 5 hrs lab per wk. Prereq: 401 or cons chair.