Volunteers are allowed for UW-Stevens Point operations when contributing to the mission of the campus and following certain requirements. It is important that we take appropriate steps to protect the interests of the University and State as well as the interests of the volunteers.

Principles and requirements to follow when considering a volunteer include:

  • Utilization of volunteers shall be done prudently. Ensure the responsibilities for volunteers are appropriate to the overall intent of volunteerism. A department should not rely on volunteers to perform duties that should be performed by employees on a regular basis. Volunteers should be supplementing the work done by employees or assisting campus with outreach efforts and involvement, not replacing the overall need for compensated employees.

  • Volunteers are not to be compensated. Check with Human Resources to determine employment status and compensation requirements. Note - authorized expense reimbursements may be allowed for volunteers following financial policies and procedures.  Also, if an individual is being compensated but not consider a UWSP employee then a vendor/contractor relationship may exist and applicable requirements may then need to be met.

  • An agency relationship with a volunteer will exist when there is benefit to UW-Stevens Point and direction/control of the volunteer by UW-Stevens Point. The volunteer situation must be contributing to the accomplishment of the UW-Stevens Point mission.

  • Volunteers must be approved by the applicable authorizing College, Department or Unit. Generally this requires minimum approval by one or more of the following - Department Director, Department Chair, Dean, Associate Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Chancellor. Individual departments or units may determine their own approval process as long as minimum approval level is met.

    • Student Organizations seeking to arrange volunteers must have Advisor and SIEO approval.

  • The written Volunteer Agreement shall be completed by the authorizing department for all UW-Stevens Point volunteers. Details of the volunteer duties, responsibilities, expectations and other parameters may be included in this agreement. Provide a completed and signed copy to the volunteer, maintain the original in the authorizing department and send a copy to Human Resources.

    • Note - Individuals volunteering for activity not related to the campus mission or those not specifically under UWSP control, but still associated with campus shall complete a Program Waiver instead of the written Volunteer agreement. These individuals are not considered UWSP volunteers and therefore not afforded liability protection. Contact Risk Management (3901) for consultation in determining proper classification and waivers.

  • Training and orientation (including all necessary safety training) shall be completed for the volunteer by the authorizing department upon acceptance of the volunteer. Document key issues with forms and checklist as necessary.

  • All volunteers must be properly supervised by the authorizing department.

  • No key access rights shall be granted to volunteers.

  • If minors are involved additional steps may be needed such as parent/guardian permissions, background checks for those entrusted with minor’s care (contact Human Resources for guidance), work limitations (no hazardous work allowed), etc. Minors use as volunteers should be limited.

  • Volunteers are subject to the UWSA background check requirements. See policy at: https://www.wisconsin.edu/regents/policies/university-of-wisconsin-system-criminal-background-check-policy/. UWSP Human Resources conducts the background checks where determined necessary.

  • Insurance

    • Liability protection is provided to all officers, employees and agents of the University under Wisconsin Statute, Section 895.46(1). Authorized Volunteers acting under the direction and control of the University and for its benefit are considered agents and thus covered. This statute authorizes the State to pay claims based on the negligent acts of employees or agents or to defend employees or agents against allegations of negligence, which may have caused injury or property damage to others provided the employee or agent was acting within the scope of his/her responsibilities to the University. Any potential liability claim and/or incident shall be reported promptly by the applicable department to the UW-Stevens Point Risk Management Office.

    • Volunteers are not covered by worker’s compensation or generally any other UWSP accident, health or disability program. Also, the State of WI/UW-Stevens Point carries no premise medical or accident payment insurance. Therefore it is important for all volunteers to have their own personal insurances in effect while volunteering at UW-Stevens Point.

    • No property insurance is provided by UWSP/State to volunteer’s personal property.

  • Vehicles

    • Authorized volunteers acting within scope of agency may operate a UW-Stevens Point fleet vehicle if they meet all driver authorization requirements and follow all requirements. See http://www.uwsp.edu/facsv/Pages/TransportationServices.aspx for details. They must be an authorized volunteer and operating within scope of their agency when driving the vehicle. Authorized volunteers may also ride in UW-Stevens Point fleet vehicles upon authorization by Director of Risk Management.