​​UWSP Property Insurance Claim Process Reference Sheet

In the event of property damage (waste, fire, smoke, storm, theft, vandalism, etc.) requiring an insurance claim to be filed, please begin by following these basic steps: 

  1. Make area/scene safe as possible and begin department response as deemed safe and reasonable.

    • If emergency call 911 and Protective Services x3456.

    • When scene is safe, begin necessary response (clean-up, recovery, etc.) following department procedures. Note - One distinction regarding immediate actions is when there are situations involving possible outside party negligence or fault. Please exercise sound judgment regarding moving or disturbing any potential evidence. You may consult Jeff Karcher for guidance in these situations.

    • If necessary a restoration company shall be called in immediately by the responsible maintenance department or other with authority to assist with clean up. This is especially critical for water damage incidents. See list of available Restoration Companies for UWSP. Covered insurance claims include payment for most restoration services (except asbestos abatement and a few others). DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL IN A RESTORATION COMPANY.

  2. Report incident to UWSP Risk Management, at 715-346-2320; 715-498-9239 (cell); or Protective Services if unavailable. Risk Management will initiate the insurance claim process and assist with any safety and health issues and/or Continuity of Operations Planning.

  3. UWSP Property Loss Report is to be completed by the claiming department and submitted to Risk Management, 101 George Stien Building as soon as possible after the loss.

  4. UWSP Risk Management will provide additional directions on the claim. Such as: 

    • ​​​Scene safety & health.
    • Tracking all damages, costs, expenses related to the property damage and subsequent response and recovery. Needed paperwork to track all expenses.
    • Interviewing & analyzing scene, collect evidence. Obtaining pictures.
    • Evaluating Cause/Determining Corrective Actions
    • Advise on Emergency Purchasing rules under insurance claims. Per DOA Risk Management in the event of a property damage requiring emergency action for repair we are not specifically restricted to standard purchasing rules (i.e. competitive bid) under the State’s insurance program. See State of Wisconsin Procurement Manual PRO-C-3. In emergency situations begin repairs ASAP with competent contractors. Risk Management will provide further directions on this issue.

Off Hour Emergency Contacts

​Name ​Office ​Home ​Cell
​Walter Clark, Director, UWSP Risk Management ​715-346-2302 ​715-340-6257
Dave Pulda, UWSA Risk Management ​608-263-4381 ​608-577-7950
​David Brown, Adjuster, Cunningham Lindse​y ​715-735-7433 608-572-4407
​​WI DOA - Risk Managment ​608-266-0168 ​608-692-1036​

Deductibles: UWSP is insured under the State of WI Self-Funded Property Program. A $1000 deductible is applied to the department for all claims or $2500 deductible for theft claims with no sign of forced entry.​​


References: See DOA Property Program & UWSA Risk Management Manual (with Property guidance)​ for further details on property insurance.​