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Death on Campus​

Medical Emergency response procedures are to be followed first in the event of a death or suspected death. 9-1-1 must be called for all situations.


The below response steps are to be followed after the Medical Emergencies response steps have been completed and Stevens Point Police have responded. In the event of a confirmed death on campus:

  1. Do not interfere with scene of event and follow directions from emergency response personnel. 

  2. Secure area and keep crowds at a safe distance.

  3. In the event of a death of a student University Police (715-346-3456and Dean of Students (715-346-2611) are to be contacted immediately.  
  4. In the event of a death of an employee or visitor, University Police (715-346-3456and the Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs (715-346-2641) are to be contacted immediately.
  5. The Dean of Students, Vice Chancellors along with University Relations and Communications will ensure appropriate notification and procedures are arranged and completed for all deaths on campus. This will include:
    • Notification to family of victim following established policy.
    • Notification to University officials, victim’s roommates, closely affected campus population, and the entire campus community.
    • Determine the need to call an Emergency Operations Team meeting.
    • Make arrangements for alternate temporary living quarters as required. Ensure any affected areas are remediated.
    • Publish fact sheets to be released as needed.

  6. For death of UWSP employee as result of work-related incident Risk Management (x2618) must be notified immediately. See Injury Reporting section for details.

  7. Refer affected individuals to UW-Stevens Point Counseling Center at 715-346-3553 for assistance as needed.  


​Uversity Police and Security Services        715-346-3456

Dean of Students 715-346-2611

Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs                            715-346-2641

UW-Stevens Point Counseling Center           715-346-3553

​Page last reviewed: March 15, 2017

Page last updated:May 5, 2017