Environmental, Health & Safety

An Effective Program

To assist employers and employees in developing effective safety and health programs, OSHA published recommended Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines (Federal Register 54 (16): 3904-3916, January 26, 1989). These voluntary guidelines can be applied to all places of employment covered by OSHA.

The guidelines identify four general elements critical to the development of a successful safety and health management system:

  • Management leadership and employee involvement
  • Workplace analysis
  • Hazard prevention and control
  • Safety and health training

The Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Department asks each department on campus to join in these actions which make an effective program. EHS is a sub unit of the UWSP Risk Management Department, which was established in 1993 and operates with the following mission.


To facilitate University compliance with environmental and occupational health regulations and the continuous improvement of campus environmental, health, and safety activities.


Walter Clark, EHS Officer

Walter coordinates campus EHS activities including EPA, OSHA, and Emergency compliance programs including training requirements.  Walter reports to Jeff Karcher, Director of Risk Management. He has worked for the department since October, 2011.

Contact him at wclark@uwsp.edu or extension 2320.

Sandy Gilbeau, Risk Management Specialist

Sandy provides administrative support by receiving and processing workers compensation claims. She also assists the Risk Management Department including supervision of student office employees, budget maintenance and clerical activities. She has worked for the department since 2000.

Contact her at sgilbeau@uwsp.edu or extension 2618.