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Ceyda Onaran Kartal M.S.                                 EHS Specialist x4724

UW-Stevens Point Online Safety Training System - SafeColleges

Welcome to UW- Stevens Point's online safety training web-page for faculty/staff and student employees!

How to Log-in to the System

The UW-Stevens Point Online Safety Training Portal yellow link at the upper right will open another tab in your web browser, for access to your training. You need to enter your user name which is your UWSP email address and UWSP password to access to the online safety training system. The coursework for you will be listed.

Training Area

The Training Area is the first screen all employees will see once they have logged into the training site. All mandatory and suggested assignments will appear here. The employee will see the courses that they are required to take, the due dates, and their status (whether or not they have started or completed the assignment).

Extra Training Area

The Extra Training Area appears in the lower left-hand corner of the Training Area page. Here, employees can take additional courses that they are interested in. Just click the "View more courses" icon if you want to complete self-assigned cources.

Administrators can remove access to the additional courses in the courses tab of the Admin Area.

Automated Features of the Online Safety Training System

 Automatic Tracking of Course Completions

The system automatically tracks and documents course completions and our reports make it easy to see who has or has not completed their assigned training.

 Automatic Tracking of Policy Review and Acceptance

The system’s "Policy Course" feature allows you to upload and deliver campus-specific policies and procedures for online review and acceptance.

 Automatic Employee Training Plan

Account Manager can set up your Training Plan and schedule it to run automatically on an annual or multi-year basis.

 Automatic New Hire Training Plan

Access a separate Training Plan, customized for new employees, and schedule it to run automatically on an annual or multi-year basis.

 Automatic Email Notification

The system automatically notifies staff and student employees of their training assignments and sends reminders.

 Automatic Progress Reports by Email

Based on your schedule, the system automatically sends regular progress reports to Managers and Department Heads by email.

 Automatic Archiving of Historical Reports

The system automatically archives reports that can be accessed at a later date.

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