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Residential Living recognizes the multitude of feelings that course through parents as they see their son or daughter off to college for the first day.

For some of us there is a great deal of sadness.  A time is ending, we feel that our child has slipped away from us and we wonder where all of that time went.

Others of us are excited.  Our home is now truly just ours!  Opportunities abound!  What to do first?!

Or somewhere in between.

Whatever your reaction, there are common concerns amongst all parents.  Will my child be safe?  Is she keeping on top of deadlines?  What things should my son be packing?

In this part of our website, we hope to provide you with answers to our most commonly asked questions -- or point you to places that can help answer them.

Items that we have noted interest parents in particular include:

Our most current issue of our newsletter to parents and families (Parents' Pal)  is available here.

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