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Parents - information on the housing application process

We generally look at our application process in two "groups":  new students and current students.  Information regarding students studying abroad and those re-entering the university is also shared below.

New Students

Housing packets to new students are mailed beginning November 15 (prior to the next school year) and then approximately every 3-4 weeks thereafter for new admits.  The housing packet contains information about our halls, the different living options available, instructions on how to complete the housing contract acceptance form and additional materials. 

We encourage students to complete and return their application (along with their $125  housing prepayment) as early as feasible since assignments are made on a first-applied, first-assigned basis.  Assignments are begun in mid-July and the first assignment round will typically assign individuals who applied by May.  Our first round of assignment letters is mailed by July 31.  We continue to run assignments for remaining contracts throughout the rest of summer and send out updated assignment packets to those affected.

Current Students

Students living in the halls in the spring semester have the opportunity to self-select where they will live for the upcoming fall semester.  Information about how students accomplish this is sent to them in April.  All applicants must pay the $125 housing prepayment (this prepayment is credited to the student's spring semester account with the university).  All residents who apply by the stated deadline are automatically re-assigned to their spring room; from there, they can make hall and room changes on-line using the timeline established for that year.  Students who apply after the deadline are not guaranteed that they will be able to retain their spring room; however, they are able to utilize the room change system after they submit their contract.

Students living off-campus during the spring semester are also able to self-select a room for the upcoming fall as long as they apply within our application period.

Students participating in the university's semester abroad can apply for housing for the semester following their semester abroad.  Information about this process is available on-line.

Re-entry Students

Students who are re-admitted to the university (e.g., they attended for a year, left for a year and are returning to UWSP) must contact Residential Living and ask that a housing packet be mailed to them.


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