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Residence halls opening - fall 2018


Cable TV

Each room is provided with a cable TV outlet. The cost associated with cable is included in your room rent - there is no additional charge for this service (you need to provide the cable wiring itself). Altering the cable equipment is prohibited. Your television must be able to receive a QAM signal.

Computers, computer labs and printers

There is a computer lab available in the lower level of every hall. It contains Windows PCs and a Mac. Residence hall labs are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Residence hall computer labs will be open beginning Thursday, August 30. More information about campus computer labs can be found here.

Getting the best experience from wireless in your room

  1. Devices that broadcast radio waves at the same frequency as the UWSP wireless network can degrade your wireless experience. Here are a few steps you can take to help improve your access to the internet (and access for others around you).
  2. Do not use personal wireless routers. These devices cause significant wireless interference and are prohibited on the UWSP network.
  3. Whenever possible use a wired connection.
  4. Disable/turn off the wireless feature on devices you are not using (e.g., printers).
  5. Limit the use of other devices (cordless phones, microwaves, Bluetooth devices, wireless speakers/keyboards/mice/game controllers) that may cause interference.

Please visit Enhance Your Residence Hall Wireless Experience for more information or contact the UWSP Service Desk with additional questions.


With the renovation of DeBot Dining Center underway, there are lots of changes to the dining plan (there is only "one" which provides you with a set amount of DawgDollars which you use at various locations across campus. For details, check out their website.

Fridges and appliances

A total of 5.4 cubic feet of refrigerator/freezer space is allowed in each residence hall room. This can be a combination of two refrigerators or one 5.4 cubic foot unit. It is strongly recommended that you bring a power strip with a surge protector for refrigerators and other high energy items.

Residential Living rents small refrigerators to residents. The cost is $25/semester or $45/academic year. If you would like to rent a unit, please stop at your hall's front desk after you check in this fall; we have a sufficient number of refrigerators so a reservation is not necessary.

You may also bring a microwave oven rated 1500 watts or less. We do not have microwaves available for rental, but there are microwaves available in basement and floor kitchens for your use.

You may bring other appliances as long as they do not have an open [heating] coil. "George Foreman" grills and other closed heating coil items are okay to bring, but you must use, cool and clean them in a hall kitchen; you can store them in your room.

Hepatitis B/Meningococcal disease information

State law requires that all residence hall students be informed of the risks of these two diseases and sign a statement indicating they understand the risks and either have had immunizations (and the dates of those immunizations) or are opting out of immunization.

If you did not already sign the acknowledgement form when you submitted your housing contract, you will be asked to do so upon checking in at your residence hall this fall.

Information regarding these two diseases can be found on our website or contact our office and we will mail you a printed copy of the material.


Laundry facilities are available in the lower level of all residence halls. Cost is $1.25 per load. Only PointCASH is accepted in residence hall laundry machiens, so you'll want to have at least a few dollars put on your account for laundry.


Mail is delivered daily to the front desk of each hall. Desk staff sort and place mail in your mailbox (located in your hall's front lobby).

Roommates share a mailbox that is locked and numbered by room number. Your room key will open your mailbox. Packages are also delivered to and picked up from the front desk (you will be notified if you have a package by a package slip in your mailbox). Outgoing mail is also picked up at the front desk daily. Your maling address is:

Your Name
Room # Hall Name
Your Hall's Street Address*
UW-Stevens Point
Stevens Point WI 54481

For more information on having mail and packages sent to you, please review our mail information page.

Paperwork to bring

Gold information card

A gold emergency information card will be mailed to your home address in mid-August. Please complete the card (at home) and bring it with you. You will need to turn it in at your hall when you arrive before you can get the keys to your room.

Planning to work at UWSP?
If you'll be working on campus this fall or anywhere else, be sure to bring a picture ID (e.g., a driver's license) and your social security card or birth certificate. A passport will also work in lieu of these other items.

Check out the Student Involvement and Employment Office's website if you are looking for employment.


Parking permits can be purchased through Parking Services. Remember that campus lots sometimes have a waiting list and that the city does not permit overnight parking on the streets.

Carefully consider whether you need a car. UWSP is a bike-friendly campus - you can even store your bike in your room (providing your roommate agrees). And, you have access to the city bus system for free, a service that Student Government Association (SGA) has secured for all UWSP students. An additional resource provided by SGA is a bike rental program.


Students with an active housing contract who are registered for classes before August 1 will receive a bill for their housing and meals with their tuition bill via email. Students contracting or registering after this date will be billed as they register/contract. Check your online student account for updated billing information.

Information on costs for room and board are available here.


Don't forget to bring your PointCard with you to campus this fall! You will need it to access your dining plan as well as check out library books, cash checks on campus, borrow items from your front desk, pick up packages, do your laundry, etc.

If you have questions, contact the PointCard Office.

Room changes

Opportunities to make room changes are offered during weeks 3 and 8 of each semester. Details will be posted on our website and social media sites the week prior to each of these opportunities.

Telephone services

You may bring your own cell phone or contract with the Telephone Support Office for a "land line" or cell phone service.

Listing your phone number with the university

You should list the phone number that you can be reached at in the university's information directory. You can update your phone number through your accesSPoint.

Other questions?

Please contact us.

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