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Living-learning communities (LLC)

Sustainability LLC - this LLC has been canceled for 2018-19

This living-learning community is for students who are interested in working with other students from diverse backgrounds. Together, you will explore and imagine what a sustainable future needs to function in and around a university campus. 

Members of the Sustainability LLC will have opportunities in campuswide events on topics ranging from recycling to composting to energy use to transportation (biking, walking, commuting, ride sharing, etc.) to climate change to building technologies to urban planning. The sustainability living-learning community is housed in Knutzen Hall.

LLC participants will also work with the UW-Stevens Point Office of Sustainability.

An optional two-week trip to Iceland is being planned, focusing on "eco tourism."


Fall semester

  •  IA 120 Human Behavior and Building Environments (3 credits)
  •  NRES 150 People, Resources and the Biosphere (3 credits)

Spring semester

  • IA/HTI 378 People, Interfaces and Environment (3 credits)
  • IA 315 Sustainable Design (3 credits) 

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