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​Living-learning communities (LLC)

Life Sciences LLC

This living-learning community is for students planning to major in biology or other life and health sciences either teaching or nonteaching (other than communicative disorders).

You will be placed with other students who are also pursuing studies in an area of the biological sciences and coursework is selected to provide you a strong focus on the big science courses with a natural group of study partners. The life sciences living-learning community is housed in May Roach Hall.


Fall semester

  • Biology 130 - Introduction to Plant Biology (5 credits)
  • Chemistry 105 - Fundamental Chemistry (5 credits)
  • Psychology 110 - Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)

Spring semester

  • Communication 101 - Fundamentals of Oral Communication (3 credits)
  • Biology 160 - Introduction to Animal Biology (5 credits)
  • Chemistry 106 - Fundamental Chemistry (5 credits)



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