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Living Learning Communities


What is a living-learning community?

Living-learning communities (LLCs) are groups of first-year students who live together in the same hall, take 2-3 courses together each semester of their first year and participate in activities to help them get to know each other, campus and the Stevens Point community.

Each LLC has an upper-class student who serves as an Academic Peer Mentor to the group. These peer mentors help coordinate activities for LLC members and offer workshops on study skills, campus resources, and other topics to help with the transition to university life.

There are nine living-learning communities offered for 2019-2020:

Art is... LLC

Athletics LLC (2 communities) 

Education LLC


Sciences LLC

Natural Resources LLCs (2 communities)

Undecided/Undeclared LLC

To apply for any of these LLCs please fill out the appropriate application below.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I have my friend as my roommate if I join a LLC?
Yes, if your friend is in the same LLC as you, you may still request each other as roommates. We accommodate roommate requests to the greatest extent possible.

Does it cost more to be in a LLC?
There is no fee to participate in the LLCs; however, some communities are located in our newly renovated halls. Students living in renovated halls pay approximately an additional $100/semester.

Do I have to attend a specific orientation session to participate in a LLC?
You must attend an orientation session in June in order to participate in the living-learning community program. This is because your seat in the LLC courses are guaranteed and can only be held until the end of June.

If you have additional questions, please contact our living-learning community coordinator



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