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Room information

All of the rooms in our traditional halls (all halls except Suites@201 and Hyer*) are double occupancy (2 people live in each room).  Each room has:

  • 2 beds (frame with a twin XL mattress)*
  • 2 desks​ (with attached bookcase/hutch)*
  • 2 desk chairs*
  • 2 dressers*
  • 2 closets
  • 2 wastebaskets*
  • 2 study lights (in the desk unit)*
  • 2 mirrors
  • Res Net (computer network) connection port
  • Remote computer lab access (you must have ResNet to utilize this option in your room)
  • Cable TV connection​ (no additional fee; you must provide your own TV and cable)
*Hyer Hall rooms are equipped with only 1 bed

These are the basic “building blocks” that you and your roommate will have to work with in creating your living space while here on campus.  There is any number of ways that you might choose to arrange and decorate your room.  

For information on amenities in the Suites@201, please check here.

Floor plans

Room floor plans are available online. Note that room diagrams are approximations and dimensions are provided as best possible; there are variations from room-to-room.

Metal bed frames and mattresses

The bed frame must be incorporated in any loft/bunk design you use. Storage is not available for any room furniture including the bed frame. A bedframe diagram is available - the measurements provided are close approximations. Please remember to allow for minor variations between frames.
All of our mattresses are "twin extra-long" (36" x 80" x 6"). Regular fitted twin sheets will fit, but will be tight. The mattress is slightly wider than the bed frame and extends beyond the edges of the frame by approximately 1.5 inches on each side.


Most residential rooms are carpeted. Six rooms in May Roach Hall have vinyl flooring.

Ceiling height

Ceiling height in DeBot buildings (Baldwin, Burroughs, Hansen, Hyer, Knutzen, Neale, Steiner, Thomson, Watson) are 7'8" - 7'9". Ceiling height in Allen buildings (May Roach, Pray-Sims, Smith) are approximately 7'3".

Lofts/bunk beds

(Please note: beds in the Suites@201 are self-lofting. You cannot bring a different lofting system into the Suites@201 rooms.) 

Many residents choose to loft their beds to take advantage of the vertical as well as horizontal space in their room. The university does not provide lofts; however, you may build your own or rent from an outside company (residents typically receive mailings each summer seeking new loft customers). The Residence Hall Association (the student governing body of the residence halls) has an annual fundraiser using a loft rental company; details are distributed to you during your summer orientation session or through the mail. 

If you are building your own bunk/loft, be certain to follow our guidelines (below) and to incorporate the mattress and mattress frame. A drawing of the mattress frame can be found here. 

Whether you elect to build, buy, or rent, you are responsible for ensuring that the loft you use complies with university regulations.​​​


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