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Loft Information

A lofted bed has been defined as one where the top of the mattress is more than 3 feet from the floor.  When constructing your loft/bunk, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Lofts must be freestanding.  "Pressure lofts" which exert force between floors and ceilings or between walls are not allowed.
  • Residence hall furniture cannot be used in any way to provide support for your loft(s).
  • Lofts may not be constructed from pressure-treated or chemically-treated lumber (generally green in color).  Treated lumber is designed for outdoor use only and can create a serious health hazard in an enclosed environment.
  • Lofts must utilize the bed frames​, bed legs and mattresses that are already in the room. Protective bed leg coverings are available at the front desk of each hall and their use is encouraged. Storage is not available for any of these components; therefore, they must be incorporated in any design you use. Bed frame size is 80" x 33.5". The mattress size is 80" x 36" x 6".
  • Designs should utilize metal bolts, wood, steel.  Use of chains, ropes, cables or wires of any sort is prohibited.
  • Designs in which any type of built-up platform (other than the bed platform) is raised off the floor are not allowed.
  • Beds bunked or raised to a level up to or above the window ledge may not be placed parallel to the window, or door.  This supports the Stevens Point Fire Marshall's efforts to clearly be able to enter the room or see into the room should a fire or intense smoke from a fire occur.
  • The top of the mattress CANNOT BE HIGHER THAN 71" FROM THE FLOOR. 
  • Lofts must be in such a position that the door can open freely. The loft should not hinder door movement in any way.
  • Storage of lofts is not available. Don't move anything into your room that you are not willing to take with you when you leave at the end of the year.
  • The use of guardrails is strongly encouraged. There are certain dangers associated with lofting beds; you may want to consider installing bed rails or safety guards as a precautionary measure.

Should Residential Living deem a loft/bunk to be unsafe or not in compliance with loft/bunk policies, it reserves the right to require removal of the structure.  It is also important for you to note that you assume liability for anything placed or constructed in your room.  The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point assumes no liability for the safety of any loft built or purchased for use in your residence hall room.

The Residence Hall Association (the student organization which represents hall residents) works with a private vendor to provide rented lofts that meet our standards. Information is available on the RHA website.

For information regarding floor plan layouts, please click here. ​

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