Suites@201 FAQs

What is included in the suite furnishings?

Each suite kitchen includes a full-size refrigerator, stove, sink (with garbage disposal), microwave, and a dishwasher.  The living room area will include seating, occasional tables, and lighting.  Private bedrooms will include (self-lofting) bed, dresser, desk, and closet.  The bathroom area is split into three units:  shower, sink/vanity, and toilet.

Bathrooms have a vanity, walk-in shower (with shower curtain) in a separate room, and toilet in a separate room.

Additional information about specific items included can be found here.

What is the contract term? Can I stay in my suite during breaks?

Contracts are for the entire academic year.  Suites@201 residents will be able to stay in their suite during academic year breaks (Thanksgiving, winter, spring) at no additional cost; availability of winter break housing is tied to having an active/valid contract for the spring semester.

What is the cost?

Information about cost can be found here​. Your contract is for the full academic year, billing is submitted by the semester via your student account on your first fall UWSP bill and on your first spring UWSP bill).  All residents are required to sign a full academic year contract (unlike other halls, you will not be allowed to “opt out” of your contract at the end of the fall semester). 

Break housing is included in this price. There is a $125 housing prepayment required at the time you sign up for the Suites@201; this prepayment is applied to your spring housing costs.

Is a meal plan be required?

Participation in the meal plan is not mandatory.  However, you may select from any of the "regular" meal plans or select an "off-campus" meal plan if desired.  Information about the meal plans is available from Dining Services. To purchase a meal plan, contact the Point Card Office, located in the administrative services area of the Dreyfus University Center.

Are laundry facilities offered?

There is a laundry available on each floor and an additional laundry on the first floor.

Are suites co-ed?

Suites@201 offers a gender-neutral (also known as gender-inclusive)  living option. No student will be assigned to a gender-neutral suite unless they have requested this option.

Gender-neutral housing allows same-gender roommates, opposite-gender roommates or other gender-identity roommate pairings, regardless of physical sexual characteristics.

Individuals selecting gender-inclusive (gender-neutral) housing will sign a specialty living agreement form which outlines specific expectations for individuals in these suites.

Can freshmen and sophomores live in Suites@201?

If you graduated from high school two or more years ago, you are eligible to apply for residency in Suites@201.  For fall 2017, that means if you graduated from high school in 2015 or before, you may apply.

Are there internet and cable outlets in the suites?

There is a cable outlet and an Internet port in every bedroom as well as one in the living room area.  Suites will also have wireless access.  Routers are not allowed.

Is there a computer lab?

There is a computer lab located on the first floor for use by residents.

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There are eight (8) different configurations for the suites.  Check here to determine your suite's "style."

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