Pray-Sims Hall


  • Pray-Sims Hall is actually two residence halls joined by an elevator. Men are housed in Pray Hall; women are housed in Sims Hall.

  • In 1894, Theron B. Pray was selected to lead the new Stevens Point Normal School. Pray selected five men and eight women to lead the school in what was regarded at the time as being "on the frontier fringe." During the early years, no student housing was available on campus; students were required to live in approved rooming houses or homes. Pray undertook a number of educational initiatives including admitting students who had not been able to complete their high school studies into a one-year course in education. Pray served as the school's president from 1894-1906.

  • In 1906, Stevens Point Normal School's presidency was shifted to John F. Sims (1906-1926). He was known for wearing a fresh red carnation and keeping a shoe polishing kit in his desk drawer. Sims was key to making a number of changes to faculty and during his 20 years as president, hired a number of faculty members who would be amongst the institutions most remembered including May Roach and Fred Schmeekle.

Hall Information

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Hall Director

Emily Johnson

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501 Reserve Street
Stevens Point, WI  54481