Hansen Hall


The Living Learning Community for Undeclared/Undecided Majors is housed in Hansen Hall.

Women and men are housed in a "scattered" room configuration; restroom facilities are available on each floor for men and women (restrooms are single-sexed.)

Hansen Hall was constructed in 1965-66 and named for William C. Hansen. Hansen served as Central State president from 1940-1962. During Hansen's tenure as president, the college saw declines and resurgences in student populations owing to World War II (and its end) and the Korean Conflict. A state requirement that public school teachers be prepared to provide instruction on conservation in the 1950s led to the creation of three semester hours of study in conservation. This program (led by Fred J. Schmeeckle) later became the basis for the major in resource management. Hansen believed faculty involvement in decision making was important and implemented a number of committees to advise him.

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Marisa Hahn

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409 Isadore Street
Stevens Point, WI  54481