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Suites@201 "Styles"

There are eight variations of the suite floor plan.  The table below presents the suite "style" along with the suite numbers (i.e., the "room" number) associated with that style.

The Suites @ 201 have two "wings":  east (rooms on this wing are designated with an "E" before the number) and west (rooms on this wing are designated with a "W" before the number).


Suite Style​ ​Suite #s
Suite Style A W231, W331, W431, W 531​
Suite Style B

E122, E123, E130, E131, E132, E133, E222, E223, E230, E231, E232, E233, E322, E323, E330, E331, E332, E333, E422, E423, E430, E431, E432, E433, E522, E523, E530, E531, E532, E533

W220, W221, W222, W223, W320, W321, W322, W323, W420, W421, W422, W423, W520, W521, W522, W523​

Suite Style B2 W210, W211, W310, W311, W410, W411, W510, W511​
Suite Style C E121, E221, E321, E421, E521​
Suite Style D  E120, E220, E320, E420, E520​
Suite Style E E141, E241, E341, E441, E541
Suite Style G W230, W330, W430, W530
Suite Style H E140, E240, E340, E440, E540
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