UW-Stevens Point Residential Living Hall Director Positions

Position description

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The programmatic mission of Residential Living is to support the academic mission of the university within the residence hall setting. This is accomplished through academic, student development, and community development programming.

The student development program is divided into four categories: holistic wellness, ownership, mastering success and engagement. Community development is promoted by encouraging residents to become active participants in responsible decision-making within their living environment.

The residence hall director's primary responsibilities are the welfare and development of the students within the residence hall. To promote these, the director has main responsibilities in:


  • select train, supervise, and evaluate the desk manager (DM) and community adviser staff (CA)
  • coach and provide leadership to hall leadership team and other student volunteer groups
  • plan and facilitate weekly student staff meetings to coordinate initiatives, information exchange, and staff team development
  • meet individually on a regular basis with staff members and leadership team members to discuss community issues, and concerns as well as monitor progress of the staff member
  • create opportunities for team building, interaction, and cooperation between the residence hall staff and leadership team

Academic Support

  • promote an environment conducive to academic success, development and learning
  • support the academic mission of the university by helping to establish learning communities in the residence halls (living-learning communities program)
  • interact regularly with faculty mentor and facilitate student/faculty interactions
  • meet with students on academic probation to provide resources and guidance
  • counsel students having personal, academic, lifestyle and career concerns when appropriate
  • analyze and use EBI and other assessment data to improve the student experience

Community Development

  • coordinate the development of meaningful goals, programs and policies for the hall to meet the students' developmental needs
  • encourage residents' active participation in hall leadership
  • communicate, explain and clarify campus and hall policies
  • encourage students to assume responsibility for behavior and decisions affecting their community
  • serve as the primary conduct officer for the hall; adjudicate student concerns and maintain accurate records utilizing the Maxient system
  • maintain a secure, satisfying physical environment
  • support and attend activities planned and implemented by the hall staff and leadership team
  • support community development efforts by being visible within the hall
  • foster an environment which promotes and supports diversity, social justice and inclusivity
  • promote and support Student Affairs' commitment to equity, diversity and inclusivity amongst the students we serve the overall campus community


  • direct the overall operation of the residence hall
  • provide vital leadership and communication among residence halls, the department of Residential Living, the division of Student Affairs and the university community
  • attend regularly scheduled professional staff meetings, professional developments and facilities quad meetings
  • maintain regular communications or correspondence with administrative services, custodial and maintenance functions, dining services, campus activities, and protective services
  • facilitate the resolution of facility concerns, maintenance, repairs and cleanliness
  • develop and monitor the hall budgets to ensure funds are used properly
  • perform purchasing function for the hall using a campus-issued P-card, Trig's card, purchase order or online method; reconcile transactions
  • perform duties on two departmental committees (additional teams are created as needed)
  • perform administrative tasks in accordance with established Residential Living procedures and deadlines
  • participate in an on-call duty rotation for assigned coverage area in which student crises are addressed
  • maintain an accurate record of hall occupancy at all times, reporting any changes, discrepancies or concerns to the central office within one business day

Although the residence hall director's primary activities are focused on the hall itself, there is considerable emphasis on personal development. Each hall director will be involved in developing a professional development plan, which may include a variety of other experiences based on the interests and skills of the hall director.