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The person you will be closest to - at least in terms of proximity! - is your roommate. Some roommates will become lifelong friends; others may never have a chance to see each other again after their university experience. Either way, your roommate will be present for your good times and your bad times.

A strong roommate bond is based upon consideration and tolerance. By that, we mean you respect your roommate's needs (and vice versa) and learn to overlook, or maybe even appreciate, your roommate's differences.

Communication is very important. Early in the semester, sit down with your roommate and talk about issues that are important to you. Is it okay to use your gaming device when you are not there? Can you use space in your roommate's refrigerator? Your community adviser (CA) is also available to help in setting up a roommate agreement or in mediating disputes.

Requesting a roommate preference

New students to UW-Stevens Point can indicate a roommate preference when they complete their housing contract by adding their friend's UWSP ID number in the appropriate section.  Make sure your friend does the same on their contract since roommate requests must be mutual.  If you have already sent in your contract and you want to add a preference, send us a letter that includes your name, your UWSP student ID number, your friend's name, your friend's UWSP student ID number and your signature. Alternatively, you can print, complete and return our contract amendment request form.

If one of you is a returning UWSP student, the returning student must follow the instructions provided for spring or fall -- adding an ID number on your contract(s) will NOT work.  Returning student contracts are processed outside of the computer assignment program.

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