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Current Residents

Students who currently reside in the residence halls are sent information in mid-March about the hall sign-up (aka room renewal) process. This is a time where you can select the room you will live in for the following fall. You have priority in retaining your current room and opportunities to choose other rooms across campus. For details, please review the information located here.

If you do not apply for housing during the timeframe set for returning students, you are still welcome to apply.  However, in fairness to all, you will then be assigned by the assignments program to a room.

If you are a student who is living off-campus (either as a commuter or an older student) and would like to move onto campus either during the semester or for the next semester, please review our sign-up/application information.  There are opportunities during each of our sign-up timelines when you may choose a room for the next semester.

Individuals interested in residing in the Suites@201 must have graduated from high school two or more years prior to the fall they plan to live in the building.  Sign-up instructions can be found here.

Students interested in Hyer Hall can find sign-up information here

Room changes are available during weeks 2 and 7 of each semester.  There is also the opportunity to make a room change at the end of the fall semester for the spring semester.

Single rooms are available each semester on a space-available basis.  This determination is typically made during week 3 of every semester.

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