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Gender-inclusive housing options 

If you are seeking a specific housing accommodation that is gender-related, please submit a letter with your housing contract explaining your request. If you have questions about the options below, please contact our assignments coordinator.

Traditional halls

(Baldwin, Burroughs, Hansen, Knutzen, May Roach, Neale, Pray-Sims, Smith, Steiner, Thomson, Watson)

All of our halls are "scattered co-ed" (men's and women's rooms are interspersed on the floor) with the exception of Pray Hall (all men) and Sims Hall (all women).

All-gender restrooms

There are two restroom facilities on each floor of traditional halls, one designated as male and the other as female. On the second floor of Smith, Steiner and Watson halls, one of the two bathrooms is designated as "all-gender" (anyone can use this restroom); the other restroom on that floor is either female or male, depending upon the population of the floor that year.

Hyer Hall

Accommodations in this hall are reserved for residents who will be 21 years old or older by the first day of the semester. Most rooms are single-occupancy and rooms are co-ed throughout the building. Restroom facilities are designated as male on first and fourth floors; female on second and third.


Residents (who must have graduated from high school at least two or more years prior to the semester) can select a single gender or gender-inclusive suite. Each suite accommodates four residents (each student has their own lockable bedroom) and provides a full kitchen, living room and three-component restroom (toilet, shower, vanity). 

Gender inclusive housing allows same-gender roommates, opposite-gender roommates or other gender-identity roommate pairings, regardless of physical sexual characteristics. 

Individuals selecting gender-inclusive housing in the Suites@201 will sign a specialty living agreement form which outlines specific expectations for individuals in these suites. These living agreements are avilable from the Residential Living office (located at the 601 Division Street Building; entrace off Isadore Street).

Gender-inclusive housing committee

Residential Living is committed to creating residence halls that are fully inclusive. This is an ongoing process and our halls/policies will continue to be analyzed as new laws, needs and information come forward. If you would like to make a recommendation or hear about current projects, please contact our office.


Additional information about other gender-related resources available on campus can be found here.

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