Hall signup 2017
Selecting a new room

Complete your housing application online or turn in your 2017-18 housing contract on or before April 28 (11 a.m.) to maintain priority in the hall signup process.

As long as you make your prepayment before and submit your housing contract to Residential Living by April 28, you will be "default-assigned" for fall 2017 to your spring 2017 room. You will be able to select a different room and/or hall during the sign-up process as you desire. See Timeline for details.

Individuals submitting their housing contract after April 28, 11 a.m. lose their priority and will be placed in a "hold room." You will be able to begin accessing the room change system on May 8 or 24 hours after turning in your contract, whichever is later. Individuals turning in a contract after May 20 forfeit the opportunity to self-select a room for fall; you will be assigned by the housing program in late July along with all new applicants on a first-applied, first-assigned basis.

On the appropriate day, log into the room change process. Once logged in, you will see a drop down box that will show you the rooms available for fall 2017 from which you can select. If a room is marked with an asterisk (*), it means that it is a totally vacant room available to "pairs" of students (you will not be able to select one of these rooms unless you have a friend to be assigned with you - see Requesting a roommate.

[If you are in a half-vacant room and select a different location, you will not be able to relocate back to your original assignment.]

If you wish to purchase a single room, please review the timeline for making that request.

There are a variety of specialty living communities across the campus. If a room is a part of one of these communities, it is marked next to the room on your drop-down box.

(Room availability will reflect rooms available with individuals who have the same gender and smoking status.)

You will receive a confirmation email (through your UWSP email account) if your room change is successful. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your room change request was not processed. Please try again or contact Residential Living for assistance.