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Repair Request

How do I request a repair?

To request repairs to items in your room/suite, go to your hall's front desk and inform the desk worker of the problem. They will ask you some questions required for completion of the work order request. 

You may also enter your request online

If anything in your room needs repair(s), tell your Resident Assistant (RA), Desk Manager (DM), and or your Hall Director (HD) - they will ensure the damage is reported. Damages that occur through normal wear and tear are paid for by the university. 

(You are charged for any other damages. Charges for replacement or repair of items damaged are based on repair and replacement costs plus associated labor fees.)

What time does maintenance personnel come to do the work?

Some work orders require Building Services maintenance staff to enter your room/suite as early as 7:30 a.m. if you have a concern with this time, please indicate this on the work request. 

Do I have to be in the room during repairs etc.?

We do not require your presence, but you are welcome to be there. If you or your roommate/suitemates are not present at the time of the repair, the maintenance staff will leave a slip informing you that work has been performed in your room/suite. 


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