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Suites@201 "Styles"

  • There are eight variations of the suite floor plan. The table below shows the suite "style" along with with the suite numbers (i.e., the "room" number) associated with that style.

  • The Suites@201 has two "wings": east (rooms on this wing are designated with an "E" before the number) and west (rooms on this wing are designated with a "W" before the number). 

Suite Style​

​Suite #s

Suite Style A

W231, W331, W431, W 531​

Suite Style B

E122, E123, E130, E131, E132, E133, E222, E223, E230, E231, E232, E233, E322, E323, E330, E331, E332, E333, E422, E423, E430, E431, E432, E433, E522, E523, E530, E531, E532, E533

W220, W221, W222, W223, W320, W321, W322, W323, W420, W421, W422, W423, W520, W521, W522, W523​

Suite Style B2

W210, W211, W310, W311, W410, W411, W510, W511​

Suite Style C

E121, E221, E321, E421, E521​

Suite Style D 

E120, E220, E320, E420, E520​

Suite Style E

E141, E241, E341, E441, E541

Suite Style G

W230, W330, W430, W530

Suite Style H

E140, E240, E340, E440, E540

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