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Residency Requirement

Board of Regents' On-Campus Residency Requirement

The live on requirement will be reinstated for the 2021-22 academic school year. 

Resolution 173, May 5, 1972

  1. Those freshman and sophomore students who are not veterans, married or living with parents or guardian, shall be required to live in a university-operated residence hall when such accommodations are available;

  2. Any Chancellor with a campus situation which he feels would warrant exception to the provisions of this resolution, may submit a plan to the Board for its consideration;

  3. Any Chancellor may grant exceptions to this policy to individuals with special situations, such as significant personal hardship. 

At UW-Stevens Point, first-year and sophomore students are defined as individuals having graduated from high school two or fewer years ago.

Exceptions are granted on a routine basis for:

  • Married students (a copy of the marriage certificate must be submitted)

  • Students with dependent child(ren) living with them (birth certificates and third-party verification is required)

  • Students enrolled in extension or other off-campus programs (only)

  • Students enrolled for six or fewer credits at UWSP

  • Students living with a parent/legal guardian and commuting from within a 40-mile radius of Stevens Point (completion of the commuter statement by student and parent is required)

  • Students who have reached the age of 21 years prior to the first day of classes for the semester in question

  • Students who have served two years of active duty with the militaryROTC, National Guard, and Reserve duty do not qualify for this exemption. (a copy of Form DD214 must be submitted)

If a student has other extenuating circumstances for which they feel an exemption should be granted, a written request must be submitted to Residential Living no later then August 1 prior to the start of the applicable academic year and December 1 for spring admits. Students are encouraged to include any information they believe will support their request.

‚ÄčThe UWSP Housing Exemption Form is due no later than August 1 prior to the start of the applicable academic year and December 1 for spring admits.

Do NOT sign a lease or other agreement for off-campus accommodations until/unless you've received a release from the requirement. Doing so will make you responsible for both the on-campus charges for room and board and the off-campus accommodations.

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