Summer Housing Information

More information will come, please check back later for the summer 2021 housing process. 

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Application Information, Deadlines, and Changes:

Applications will be available through May 1, 2021. If you need to apply for summer housing beyond May 1, please contact Residential Living at least five (5) business days before you need accommodations at or 715-346-3511 and we will be happy to assist you with an application. 

Changes to summer housing applications, including dates of stay, can be made online through May 1, 2021. Changes after May 1, must be emailed to Residential Living at via a student's UWSP email account and include the student's UWSP ID number. 

Individuals living in the Suites@201 for fall 2020 and seeking August accommodations through August 22, should apply no later than May 1, 2021, so we can assign you to your fall suite for the duration of your stay. This ensures that your space is not assigned to another summer resident. 

Summer Housing Eligibility: 

  • Anyone registered for summer course work is eligible to live in the summer hall. 

  • If you have a fall on-campus housing contract, you may also be eligible to live in the hall. However, priority is given to those taking summer courses. 

  • Students who DO NOT have a fall 2021 on-campus housing assignment cannot reside in summer housing beyond Saturday, August 14, 2021. 

Summer Housing Location:

Summer 2021 housing will be housed completely in the Suites@201. Students will be residing on one floor while cleaning of the suites is occurring on other floors. 

On approximately June 5 - 6, students will then relocate to another floor in the Suites@201 so that deep cleaning can continue. More information will be sent to the appropriate residents in May about this process. 

Summer Housing Costs: 

  • The cost for summer housing while living in the Suties@201 is $140 per week 

  • All fees are added to your university bill upfront. If you are staying in summer housing during the time of the cleaning transition, you will have two (2) summer housing transactions - 1 for each of your housing assignments (before and after the cleaning transition) 

  • All weeks are Sunday - Saturday and cannot be prorated based on your arrival or departure date 

Summer Dining Options: 

There are no meal plans offered during the summer session, but residents are able to purchase PointCASH through the PointCard office. Using PointCASH, you are able to utilize a number of dining facilities both on and off-campus during these weeks (for specifics, please refer to the PointCard office website). 

End of Summer Transition to Fall Housing: 

On Sunday, August 22 students will move to their fall housing assignment. 

More information will be sent to the appropriate residents in July about this transition. 

While students will be residing in their fall housing assignment the week of August 22 - 28, we honor the summer rate of $140 for the week. However, it will be added to your account as an early arrival fee in early September. 

​Summer Housing 2021 Important Dates:

May 1:

  • Summer housing priority applicaiton deadline. 

May 16:
  • Students move into summer housing assignment in the Suites@201.
June 5 - 6 (subject to change):
  • Anticapated date students will move from one floor to another due to the deep cleaning of the Suites@201. More information will be provided to those students affected by the cleaning process. 
August 14:
  • Students MUST have a fall on-campus housing assignment to stay in summer housing beyond this date. 
August 22:
  • Students in summer housing will transition into fall housing. More information will be sent to the appropriate residents in July.