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Fires and Fire Drills

If you discover a fire:

  • Sound alarm 

  • Leave building 

  • Call fire department: 911

  • Do NOT attempt to re-enter the building 

  • If you are alerted to a fire by an alarm:

    • Remain calm 

    • Keep low 

    • Feel the door 

  • If the door or doorknob is hot or the hallway is filled with smoke, seal the cracks around your door, hang an object out your window, call 911, keep low to the floor. 

  • If you can exit safely, take your key, close your room door, do not use the elevator, leave by the nearest smoke-free exit, and stand clear of the building. Do NOT re-enter the building until the all-clear is sounded. 

  • If you need assistance to evacuate, go to a stairwell landing (preferred location) or if unable to reach a stairwell, a room with a window. Call 911 and request immediate assistance to evacuate. Provide the dispatcher with your exact location, phone number, building name, floor, and room number. Stay on the phone until the dispatcher instructs you to hang up. 

  • You MUST evacuate the building when the fire alarm sounds - even during drills. 

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