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Special Registration Authorizations

  • Are any of your courses identified in the timetable as Permission Required (PR)? A PR appears in front of courses and sections when permission is required. You must obtain the approval of the chair of the department to register for all PR sectioned courses.

  • If auditing a course or signing up for a credit overload you must obtain approval.  Enrolling in an independent study course also requires electronic authorization from the department.

  • Are you repeating any courses for the first time in which you received a D+, D, or F? You must have obtained electronic authorization approval of your advisor and the chair of the department offering the course you are repeating BEFORE you register. If you're repeating a course for the second time, you must have written authorization from the dean of the college in which the course is offered (second repeat cards are available in the Enrollment Services Center, 106 SSC).  In either case, be sure to have the appropriate approvals complete before registering on the web or in person.

Approval Process

  • Electronic Authorizations: The department chairs can electronically authorize you to enroll in Permission Required, Closed, Independent Study, and Internship sections. Departments can also authorize you electronically for a credit overload or to repeat a D+, D, or F for the first time. If the departments grant their authorizations electronically, the authorizations will appear on the same screen as your registration appointment time which will then permit you to register for these courses and sections on the web. If departments grant their approval by signing a form, you will need to bring the form to the Enrollment Services Center, 106 SSC, to complete your registration.

  • Paper Authorizations: Certain authorizations must be on signed forms. For example, you must submit an approved form to audit a course, take a course on Pass-Fail or repeat a course for a second time. You must bring the signed forms to the Enrollment Services Center, 106 SSC, to complete your registration.
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