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Special Registration Authorizations

  • Are any of your courses identified in the Schedule of Classes as Instructor or Department Consent required?  If so, you must obtain online authorization from the instructor or the department office to register for consent required courses.

  • If auditing a course or signing up for a credit overload you must obtain approval.  Enrolling in an independent study course also requires electronic authorization from the department.

  • Are you repeating any courses?  Online approval from your advisor and the department chair of the course is required to avoid you being administratively dropped from the course.

Approval Process

  • Electronic Authorizations: If you are approved to register for a particular course, the following approvals can be granted online so you will be able to register for the course yourself in accesSPoint:
      • Instructor Consent
      • Department Consent
      • Prerequisite override
      • Closed
    • Electronic Forms: Some registration related processes are completed through online forms.  Student initiated forms are located in the Forms tile from your accesSPoint homepage. 
        • Academic Career Exception form - student initiated
        • Schedule Conflict Approval form - student initiated
        • Credit Overload Approval form - initiated by the department chair of your major
        • Repeat Authorization form - initiated by your advisor

    • Paper Authorizations: Certain authorizations must be on signed forms.  You will need to obtain a signature(s) on the form and bring it to the Office of the Registrar for processing:
        • Late Add/ W Drop forms
        • 12 Credit Registration Restriction Authorization form
        • Audit form
        • Age 60 and Over Audit form
        • Undergraduate/Graduate Split Program Status form



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