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Faculty/Staff Newsletter from the Office of the Registrar  

The Office of the Registrar serves our faculty, staff and students by performing a wide range of functions related to student records management and academic policy administration, including: curriculum management, degree audits, academic room scheduling, registration services, the Schedule of Classes, final exam scheduling, certifying athletic eligibility, diploma services, enrollment and graduation reporting, and transcript processing. The Office of the Registrar is also home to Veteran Services.
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A.  View Class Rosters Periodically During the Term 

Class Rosters are updated in real-time, so if a student has dropped your class, the class roster will automatically be updated.  If you are aware of any students that have stopped attending, please use the Attendance Roster in accesSPoint to update the last date of attendance (see also Steps for Reporting Attendance).

B.  Important Dates 

C.  Posting Grades

Using the student's name, student ID number, or any portion of the social security number to post grades is a violation of FERPA. Instructors are encouraged to use D2L to communicate grades and grade progress to their students. If grades need to be posted, faculty should use a random number that only the instructor and the student know. When posting these random numbers and grades make sure you do not alphabetize the list therefore losing the anonymity of the student.  See also reporting final grades.   
Visit us online at or in room 101 Student Services Center to meet the staff.


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