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Graduation Fee​

Beginning Fall 2012, a one-time $195 Matriculation Fee will be applied to all new freshmen and new transfer students tuition bill during their first term of enrollment (reentry students are also charged this one time fee). The matriculation fee covers programming costs associated with new student orientation. In addition, the fee is used to fund convocation, commencement ceremonies and First Year Experience expenses.  If a student has been charged a matriculation fee then there will be no graduation fee applied. 

A $50.00 graduation fee is charged for all master's and doctorate degree candidates. The fee is applied to each candidate's eBill the month before graduation. The fee is necessary to cover the costs of the commencement ceremony, postage, diplomas and other materials. The fee does not cover the cost of the cap and gown for commencement. 

Please contact Student Affairs (, 212 Old Main 715-346-2481), with any questions regarding the matriculation fee.
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