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Closed Course - Authorizing Students Screen

Key points regarding the Closed Course (CS) – Authorization of Student screen:


  1. Follow these steps for authorizing students to enroll in CS sections:

    • Select the term.
    • Select the curriculum.
    • Select the course and click Find. (Only CS courses appear in menu.)
    • Enter the student’s ID# or SSN# and click Find.
    • Verify that you have selected the right student
    • Select Section and click Authorize. (Authorizations must be granted for specific section.)
    • Note that the student’s name will now appear on the list.

  2. Students will be sent an email automatically when you grant them CS authorizations. You will be notified automatically by email when students delete their CS authorizations.
    NOTE: New students (e.g., new freshmen and transfers) will not receive an email notice since they don’t obtain email accounts until they register.

  3. The status of “CS-Auth” will change to “Registered” when students register for the section. The names of students that do not register will continue to show “CS-Auth” indefinitely.

  4. The name of the person that granted the authorization and the date of the authorization will appear on the list.

  5. If a student is authorized to enroll in a CS section that is also a PR section, the CS authorization will serve also as PR authorization.

  6. You may want to authorize a student to enroll in a section before it closes. If so, you can click on the “All Sections” button and select from any of the department’s courses and sections to grant a CS authorization.

  7. The Limit, Available, and Pending totals include all levels of a slash course (e.g., 300/500).

  8. If only one level of a slash course is CS (e.g. 300 and not 500), only the course and section of the level that is CS will be displayed. However, if your slash course limit is combined rather than separate, then both levels will appear CS.


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