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Adviser 1st Repeat Of A Course -
Authorizing Students Screen


Key points regarding the Adviser 1st Repeat (1st RPT) – Authorization of Student screen:
  1. The university repeat policy permits students to repeat courses in which they received a D+, D, or F if they have the approval of their adviser and the chair of the department in which the course is offered. A second repeat of a course requires the approval of the dean of the college offering the course.

  2. Advisers can follow these steps to authorize students to repeat a course for the first time.

    • Select the term in which the student will repeat the course.
    • Enter the student’s ID# and click on Find Student.
    • Verify that you have selected the right student.
    • Select the course the student is repeating from the “Choose a Course” drop down menu and click on “Authorize” to process.
      • NOTE: only the courses that the student is eligible to repeat for the first time will appear in the menu.
    • If the authorization was successful, a message will appear. Verify from the message that you have authorized the student for the course you intended and for the term you intended.

  3. Students will be sent an email when you grant them authorization to repeat a course. You will be notified automatically by email if students delete their 1st Repeat authorizations.

  4. The name of the person that granted the authorization and the date of the authorization will appear on the list. The student will be appropriately authorized when both the department chair and adviser have granted their authorizations.
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