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Advisee Authorization

Key points regarding the Advisee Authorization screen:


  1. Follow these steps to indicate that you have met with an advisee and that you authorize the advisee to register for classes.

    • Select the term for which you advised the student and click on Find.
    • Check the box in the “Advised” column after the student’s name to grant your authorization.
    • Click the Update button to process your authorization.
    • Verify that your authorization for that advisee was processed.

    NOTE: Your authorization was updated if the message “Updated mm/dd/yyyy,” the time, and your name appear on the line following the checked box.

  2. Students will have a “HOLD” on their ability to register over the web until your authorization is granted. Your authorization removes the “hold”.

  3. You can select from three different lists of advisees. Note the following categories that appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
    • All = all of your advisees.
    • Non-Advised = all advisees whose boxes have not been checked and are not authorized.
    • Advised = all advisees that been advised and whose boxes have been checked.
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