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Study Overloads (Fall/Spring)


The typical study load is 14-16 credits per semester (including courses through correspondence, at other campuses, and distance education). You may take 17 credits with the permission of your advisor. If you add enough credits during the ADD period to result in a credit overload, you must obtain the appropriate authorization at that time. Forms for obtaining written authorization are available in the academic departments and the Enrollment Services Center, 106 SSC.
  • Study loads of 18, 19, or 20 credits must be approved prior to registration. Check the table below for the appropriate authorizing official for your department/program. Permission may be granted electronically or in writing but must be obtained before you will be permitted to register for the overload.
  • The dean of your college must approve study loads of 21 credits or more. Requests are granted only for extraordinary reasons and only for students with outstanding academic records. Permission must be obtained in writing and brought to the Enrollment Services Center, 106 SSC.
  • Graduate students enrolled for 16 or more credits must have the approval of their adviser and the college dean. Permission must be obtained in writing and brought to the Enrollment Services Center, 106 SSC.
Note: You will be limited to 12 credits if you: (1) do not complete required remedial courses before you earn 30 credits;  (2) do not complete English 101 & 202, Math 100 or 105 before you earn 60 credits (if following the GDR); or (3) do not complete the Foundation Level requirements prior to earning 60 credits (if following the GEP). Check with the Enrollment Services Center, 106 SSC, for more information.
Veterans -- In order to qualify for either Social Security Benefits or full Veterans Benefits (Public Law 550), you must carry at least 12 semester hours of courses.

Authorizing Officials for Credit Overloads

Department/Program Authorizing Official Building/Room Phone
MAJORS NOT SHOWN BELOW See Chair of Major Department


Academic Advising Center
SSC-103 3361

Forestry, Resource Management,
Soil and Waste Resources,
Water Resources and Wildlife
   T. Ginnett/Bobbi Kubish CNR-180 2853

Study Overload (Summer)


You may register for no more than 9 credits (6 credits in any four-week period) for the summer session. If there are exceptional circumstances, you can appeal to the dean of your college for permission to carry more than the maximum load. To do this you will need to submit an overload form for your dean's signature BEFORE you register for the overload. You will not be allowed to register unless your overload has had prior approval. The normal graduate course load for the eight-week summer session is 6 credits (3 credits in each four-week term or 6 credits in the eight-week term). If you register for 5 or more credits in the summer you are considered a full-time graduate student. You may register for up to 9 credits in the summer. However, be aware that the concentrated nature of summer courses with the extra commitment of time and energy places a strain on your academic performance. Taking more than 6 credits in the summer is not advised.


Credit overloads must be authorized. Such authorization must be obtained in writing, on a Credit Overload form, before registration. As a general rule, you should plan to carry no more than one (1) credit per week of instruction. For example, 3 credits in a three-week session, 4 credits in a four-week session, 8 credits in an eight-week session, 11 credits in the combined three-week and eight-week session. Combining work in the eight-week session with work in a concurrent short session or taking more than one course in a short session can mean a substantial credit overload. For example, two 3-credit courses in the same four-week session is equivalent to 24 credits in a regular semester.
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