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Timetable Abbreviations

Course Meeting Times and Dates

All courses meet for 50 minute periods and for the full semester unless otherwise indicated. When courses meet less than the full semester, the begin and end dates appear after the instructor's name in the column headed "DATES". Also, all class start and end times are based on the twenty-four hour clock rather than the twelve-hour clock with its a.m. and p.m. designations. Note that 12 hours are added to the p.m. time to get the corresponding time on the 24-hour clock.

Abbreviations as they appear in the Course Timetable

  • TIME = Time of day course is offered (e.g. 9:30-13:30 means the course is offered from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)

  • DAYS = Days of the week the course is offered.
    • M - Monday
    • T - Tuesday
    • W - Wednesday
    • R - Thursday
    • F - Friday
    • S - Saturday

  • BLDG = Campus Buildings.

  • ROOM = Building Room Number.

  • INSTRUCTOR = Faculty member teaching the course.

  • SEATS AVL = Number of seats remaining (registration has not occurred).

  • PEND PR = Pending Permission Required (PR) reflects the number of seats for which registration authorization has been granted by the instructor or department but the student(s) have not yet registered for the course.  Pending PR counts are only removed from the SEATS AVL counts after the registration has occurred. 
    How to Read Seats Available (sample screen shot).

  • EXAM GRP - Reflects the code number associated with the Final Exam Schedule.   

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  *** Appears in place of an instructor name when the instructor for that course has not yet been assigned.
  # Appears in front of course and section number when it is offered on Pass-Fail. However, in some departments all of the courses are offered Pass-Fail in which case a general statement will appear at the beginning of the department's course listing.
  PR Appears in front of courses and sections and means PERMISSION REQUIRED. You need the signature or electronic authorization of the department chair prior to registering for these sections.
  R Denotes Thursday as the day of the week for courses that meet on Thursday.
  W Appears after the section number when that section is offered with a Writing Emphasis.



GDR appears after the course description and prerequisite for all courses meeting a General Degree Requirement (GDR).  GEP appears for all courses meeting a General Education Program (GEP) requirement.  For example, History 257 (Europe Since 1500) meets the both the History (HI) and Minority Studies (MNS) GDR and appears in the timetable as (GDR:MNS; HI). In addition, this course also meets the Historical Perspectives (HP) and the United States Diversity (USD) GEP, appearing in the timetable as GEP: HP;USD).  

NOTE: If the GDR is tied to a specific degree requirement, then the degree abbreviation (e.g. BA or BS) will also be listed.

Course Pre-Requisites

Many courses require you to have met pre-requisites before enrolling in the course. Pre-requisites appear in parentheses after the course title in the timetable.

Degrees Offered 

BA Bachelor of Arts
BM Bachelor of Music
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Science

Special Course Fees   

Certain courses require additional fees to cover the cost of materials and services beyond those usually provided. In such cases the special fee is shown after the course meeting time. Special course fees are non-refundable after the first week of class.
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