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Name or Gender Changes to University Records

Changing Name of Record

All university correspondence addressed to students is based on the current "name of record" in the UWSP Student Information System (accesSPoint).
  • A student's "name of record" is defined as the name under which the student was admitted to UWSP. The name of record may be changed by following the name change process below. 

  • A "primary name" is defined as that name verified by a birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, driver's license or court order.
    • The following lists areas/documents where primary name will appear (whether or not you have a preferred name in accesSPoint).
      • Financial Aid documents
      • Student bill and other Student Financial documents (1098t)
      • Official and Unofficial transcripts
      • Enrollment verifications
      • Payroll
      • Immigration documents
      • Health Services
  • A "preferred name" is a first or middle name change only.  This name reflects what a student chooses to be called if different from the primary name.
    • The following lists areas where preferred name will appear.
      • Online Directory
      • Canvas
      • Class Rosters
      • Grade Rosters
      • Student Services Center (in accesSPoint)
      • Degree Audit

Process for Name Changes

Changing Gender of Record

  • A student's "gender of record" reflects the gender the student identified to the university when the student applied for admission to UWSP.  Gender is not included as "directory information" and will not be disclosed.  A student whose gender identity or gender expression does not conform to their assigned legal sex at birth can change their gender of record.  The University accepts these requests according to the process outlined below.

    Gender Changes 


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