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Changing First Name and Middle Initial 

All university correspondence addressed to students is based on the current name of record in the UWSP Student Information System (myPoint).

Process to Change First Name and/or Middle Initial 

Students enrolled at UWSP may change their first name and/or middle initial by submitting a Change of Name Form.  Requests for last name changes require additional documentation.  If you are no longer enrolled at UWSP and wish to have your name changed on university records, please click here for more information.  

Effect of Name Changes on Student Records   

A student's name change will be reflected in online directory information, including but not limited to the student's UWSP identification card, directory listing, class rosters, health center records, and transcripts.   Student employment records will not be impacted by name changes.
Places where first name changes will be reported:
  • Official and Unofficial Transcript (previous first name WILL be listed on all transcripts)
  • Degree Progress Reports
  • Class Rosters
  • Grade Rosters
  • Campus Directory (printed version only if name change occurs prior to the start of the fall semester)
  • Campus Directory (Web version)
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Directory Information Requests (unless you have requested to withhold directory information)
  • Enrollment Verification Requests
  • Dean’s list
  • Commencement list
  • Re-issued student ID
  • School of Education Teacher Certification Records 
  • Any communication sent from UWSP to the student's home address
Please be advised that changing your first name with the university is not the same as legally changing your name through the courts and you may be challenged when asked to provide proof of your legal name and/or identity for employment or government purposes, such as obtaining a passport or voting.  When changing your name due to gender identity or expression, it is  important to consider with whom you are sharing this information. For example, while name changes will appear on all university records (i.e. class lists, transcripts, and billing statements), there are some university mailings that may be sent to your permanent home address (parents or guardians). Confidential health records (laboratory testing, biopsy reports, PAP testing) processed at outside laboratories or health facilities will be sent out under your legal name.  Additionally, when job searching, you will need to decide if you are using your preferred name or your legal name. Please take into account these changes and decide whether or not you want your name to be consistent on all documents and forms prior to graduation (see also Wisconsin Name Change Laws).    


A student's updated name of record will be disclosed as "directory information" unless the student refuses to permit such disclosure. For further information on disclosure of directory information, please refer to UWSP Guidelines for Compliance with the Family Educational rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Printed directories for currently enrolled students are produced in mid-September. Name changes that are processed after this date will be reflected in online directories only.  
Disclaimer: This policy does not form a contract of any kind and may be modified, changed, altered, or rescinded by UWSP at its discretion. 


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