Sending or bringing us a file electronically

Digital files provide a much higher quality copy/print than second or third generation hard copies. Our shop is completely networked to all our printers and copiers. We are capable of printing from both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Files created in Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, and Word, are acceptable, however pdf (portable document file)files are the preferred format.
We can accept electronic files in a few ways. On disk, jump drive or by email. We can also pull them from FTP sites or Dropbox.
If submitting a file on disk, we can read from : CD's, and USB memory sticks (jump drives). Be sure to include all the supporting files such as photos, graphics, and fonts used. Photos and graphics should be submitted at 300 dpi (dots per inch) for best quality printing. Photo files from the web are 72 dpi and will not reproduce well in print. DO NOT use images pulled from web pages. These are low resolution for web use only.
PDF files are the smallest and easiest to deal with. These files are the preferred format. They are compressed and have no need of supporting files or fonts if created properly. Create pdf files for Printing and Design using the "high quality" Acrobat Distiller setting. Create pdf files for off campus printing on a press by using the "press quality" setting.
Please submit printing jobs to rather than to individual inboxes of our staff. This inbox is monitored by our staff constantly where your job may get missed if sent to personal inbox and somebody is out. Please include the following information with your email.
  1. Account Name (unless Cash):
  2. Account Number/Cash:
  3. Your Name:
  4. Due Date/Time (please do not use "ASAP"):
  5. Pickup or Delivery to - (if delivery please include building, room number and contact name):
  6. Your Local Phone Number:
  7. *Customer file name or a job reference number:
  8. Ink (black or full color):
  9. Size of Paper:
  10. Paper Stock (weight and color):
  11. Run Quantity (if layout is multiples per page to be cut, please specify number of total pieces needed):
  12. Back-to-Back, Single-Sided, or As Is (if mixed):
  13. If printed back-to-back will it be head to head or head to toe:
  14. Would you like to see a proof or your piece before we print?:
  15. *Finishing:
  16. *Special Instructions/Clarifications:
Please don’t hesitate to ask our advice before starting a project. Call x-4927.
For Business card orders please print and fill out this form and send it to us via campus mail or drop it off in person.
We will be posting more instructions on submission of files and creating pdf files for printing soon. In the mean time, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 346-4927 for assistance.