‚ÄčAllen F. Blocher Planetarium Show Request Form

If you have an organization that is interested in one of the many planetarium programs that are offered, please fill out the information below.
Each planetarium program costs $25.00 per show and this should be taken care of at the time of your visit. Checks made out to UWSP Planetarium OR Allen F. Blocher Planetarium are preferred.
There is limited seating with room for only 50-55 people, if your group is larger you will need to schedule two shows.
If your want to include in your trip a visit to the Museum of Natural History, please follow this link http://www.uwsp.edu/cols-ap/museum/Pages/Visit/Tours.aspx and submit your request. Note that it is your responsability to make sure that there is no time conflict between your planetarium visit and the tour of or the presentation at the museum!

If you would like to view a program at the Allen F. Blocher Planetarium, please fill out the following form: