The Allen F. Blocher Planetarium and 

The Arthur J. Pejsa Observatory


Both the Allen F. Blocher Planetarium and the Arthur J. Pejsa Observatory are located in the Science Building on the UW-Stevens Point campus.  The Science building (2001 Fourth Ave) is at the southwest corner of Fourth Avenue and Reserve Streets. 

The planetarium consists of a 7.3m diameter dome that houses a DIGISTAR LITE projector (installed in 2020). The planetarium presents public programs through the academic year and during most summers. There is no charge for our public programs. Planetarium programs for groups (schools, scouts, organizations, etc.) can be arranged during our academic year and our summer sessions.  

There is a $25 charge per group for these presentations. Usually the planetarium is closed from 24 December until late-January and during the month of August.

The observatory is located on the fourth floor of the Science Building and houses a Meade 0.4-m telescope. The observatory is only open if the skies are CLEAR. Normally, the observatory is open on clear evenings Monday through Wednesday when university classes are in session. Usually this is from mid-September to mid-December and from late-January to mid May. Most summers the observatory is closed. 

The planetarium and observatory are closed during the University interim and break periods. For current updates please call the Planetarium/Observatory at (715) 346-2208.

These facilities are operated and maintained by staff in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UW-Stevens Point.

Dr. Sebastian Zamfir is the planetarium and observatory director.

 The Allen F. Blocher planetarium is located on the second floor of the Science Building, by the Foucault pendulum, right above the east main entrance. Direct access is obtained through the east entrance.The Arthur J. Pejsa Observatory is located on the fourth floor of the Science Building and houses a 0.4-m (16-inch) Meade, computer controlled telescope, and is located on the roof of the Science Building, on its west wing. Access to the observatory is obtained by using the southwest stairwell in the Science Building and going to the fourth floor, room D402. Visitors are best advised to go to the third floor and follow the signs to the observatory by accessing the southwest stairwell. 

Parking spots for visitors attending our public Sunday afternoon and Monday evening programs are available in Lots D or E or along the adjacent Stanley Street. For more information please visit