Test-Out/Credit by Exam Procedures

The Department of Physics and Astronomy will offer "test-out" examinations for all G(eneral) D(egree) R(equirement) courses offered by the department. The examinations will be written and will cover both lecture and laboratory topics.

A student wishing to take a "test-out" examination will confer with the departmental chairperson about the "test-out" examination(s) to be taken. The chairperson will then contact the faculty member(s) who recently taught the course(s) for which the "test-out" examination(s) is/are to be given; these examinations are to be based on comprehensive examinations given in the appropriate courses. The examination(s) will be graded by the faculty member(s) administering it/them; to be considered a passing grade, it must be at least 5% above the most recent class average. The results of the examination(s) will be evaluated by the departmental Educational Policies Committee; it will grant appropriate credit for the course(s).

Course credit (Credit By Exam) can be granted for Astronomy 205, 206, and 311, and for Physics 150, 201, 202, 203, 204, and 250. Students "testing out" of Astronomy 100 and Physics 100 and 101 will not be granted credit but will receive a waiver of the corresponding GDR science credits.

Each student will be informed of the required passing score before any examination is administered. No student may take a given examination more than once.

Passed 23 April, 1990
Revised 14 February, 1995
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