Ken Menningen


Contact Information
​Office: ​SCI B101
​Phone: ​715.346.4871
​Fax: ​715.346.2944
Ph.D. Physics, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1995
B.S. Physics, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, 1990

PHYS 385 - Optics

Research Interests
Hydrogen energy, Lamp technology, Laboratory astrophysics, Diamond thin film deposition
Recent Publications
K. L. Menningen and J. S. Walker, Instructors Solution Manual (San Francisco, CA: Pearson Addison-Wesley, 2010. ISBN 978-0-321-60195-7) to accompany the textbook Physics, 4th edition, by James S. Walker. This electronic book spans 1,232 pages and contains the complete solutions to all 3,407 homework problems in the textbook. I wrote hundreds of new solutions and edited hundreds more for this new edition.

K. L. Menningen, M. B. Ottinger, and J. S. Walker, Instructor's Solution Manual (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, 2007. ISBN 0-13-185110-1 [Volume I] and 0-13-153632-X [Volume II]) to accompany the textbook Physics, 3rd edition, by James S. Walker. This two-volume set spans 1,132 pages and contains the complete solutions to all 2,808 homework problems in the textbook. I personally wrote or extensively edited each solution and created or edited most of the artwork.

M. T. Herd, J. E. Lawler, and K. L. Menningen, "Radiation Trapping of the Hg 254 nm Resonance Line," Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, vol. 38, p.3304, 2005.

S. R. Federman, M. Fritts, S. Cheng, K. M*. Menningen, David C. Knauth, and K. Fulk, "Oscillator Strengths for B-X, C-X, and E-X Transitions in Carbon Monoxide," Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, vol. 134, p.133, 2001.  *published with wrong initial

K. L. Menningen and J. E. Lawler, "Radiation Trapping of the Hg 185 nm Resonance Line," Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 88, p.3190, 2000.

Conferences and Presentations
K. L. Menningen, "Renewable Energy and the Curse of the Second Law," UW-Stevens Point STEM Career Day, Stevens Point, WI, November 4, 2011.

K. L. Menningen, "Hydrogen from Sunlight: A Path to Energy Independence," Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers 2011 Meeting, UW-Stevens Point, WI, October 28-29, 2011. (invited talk)

K. L. Menningen, "The NASA Shuttle Launch Dark Moon Ray Mystery," College of Letters and Science Community Lecture Series, May 12, 2011.

K. L. Menningen, M. C. Broehm, and J. P. Kwiatkowski, "Exploration of Semiconductor-based Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting," 8th Annual Posters in the Rotunda, Madison, WI, April 6, 2011.  Also presented at the Inauguration of Chancellor Bernie Patterson, UWSP, April 15, 2011, and the 12th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, UWSP College of Letters and Science, April 29, 2011.

K. L. Menningen, "Shocking Revelations," UWSP College Days for Kids, Stevens Point, WI April 2011.

Honors and Awards
1991-94​ - National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, Office of Naval Research
1990-91​ - Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Fellowship, UW-Madison Graduate School​ 1990​ James H. Albertson Medallion Award, UW-Stevens Point​
1988,89​ - Arthur J. Pesja Aerospace Engineering Scholarship, UWSP Department of Physics​
1989​ - Culver-Rogers Award, UWSP Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics​
1989​ - Distinguished Achievement Award, UWSP Academy of Letters and Sciences

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