David Tamres

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired 2016) 

Contact Information
​Office:​SCI B215

Ph.D. Physics, University of California at San Diego
M.S. Physics, University of Michigan
B.S. Astronomy and Physics, Yale University

ASTR 205 - The Solar System
ASTR 206 - Stars and Stellar Systems
ASTR 311 - Introduction to Astronomy
PHYS 115 - Acoustics
PHYS 150 - University Physics I
PHYS 250 - University Physics II
PHYS 315 - Computational Physics
PHYS 335 - Advanced Mechanics
PHYS 384 - Astrophysics
PHYS 435 - Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics

Select Publications
Coletta, W. J., and Tamres, D. H., "Robert Frost and the Poetry of Physics", The Physics Teacher 30, 360 (1992).

Smith, D. F., Chambe, G., Henoux, J.-C., and Tamres, D., "Coronal Proton Transport in the Presence of Alfven Waves and Implications for Impact Line Linear Polarization", Astrophysical Journal 358, 674 (1990).

Henoux, J.-C, Chambe, G., Smith, D., Tamres, D., Feautrier, N., Rovira, M., and Sahal-Brechot, S., "Impact Line Linear Polarization as a Diagnostic of 100 keV Proton Acceleration in Solar Flares", Astrophysical Supplement Series 73, 303 (1990).

Tamres, D. H., Melrose, D. B., and Canfield, R. C., "On the Stability of Proton Beams Against Resonant Scattering by Alfven Waves in Solar Flare Loops", Astrophysical Journal 342, 576 (1989)

Tamres, D. H., Canfield, R. C., and McClymont, A. N., "Beam-Induced Pressure Gradients in the Early Phase of Proton-Heated Solar Flares", Astrophysical Journal 309, 409 (1986)

Conferences and Presentations
"How Time Became Elastic." (Invited.) Presented at the Semiotic Society of America meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 2009.

"Motions of a Small Black Hole Traveling Through the Earth." Presented with co-author Michelle Stephens at the AAPT summer meeting, Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 2009.

"Two-and-a-Half Computational Projects in Introductory Astronomy." Presented at the WAPT annual meeting in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, October 2008.

"A Demo for the First Lecture in Analytical Mechanics." Presented at the WAPT annual meeting, Wausau, Wisconsin, October 2006.

"Modifying the Resonance Frequencies of a Simple Conical Tube." AAPT Announcer 35 (2), 87 (2005). Presented with co-author Joseph Christensen at the AAPT Summer Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, August 2005.

"Tale of a Highly Non-Innocuous Unit Error." Presented at the WAPT annual meeting, La Crosse, Wisconsin, November 2003.
"White Dwarf Stars and the Chandrasekhar Limit: A Modeling Exercise using Excel." Presented with co-author Nea Gouin at the WAPT annual meeting, La Crosse, Wisconsin, October 2003.

"A Spreadsheet-Based Laboratory Exercise in Fourier Analysis and Fourier Synthesis for a Multidisciplinary Course in Acoustics." AAPT Announcer 29 (2), 100 (1999). Presented at the AAPT Summer Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, August 1999.

"Building and Understanding Radios: An Exercise for the Introductory Physics Laboratory." AAPT Announcer 25 (2), 69 (1995). Presented at the AAPT Summer Meeting, Spokane, Washington, August 1995.

"The Moon in Poetry." AAPT Announcer 21 (4), 48 (1991). Presented with co-author W. John Coletta at the AAPT Winter Meeting, Orlando, Florida, January 1992.

"Home Video as a Resource in Physics Education." AAPT Announcer 21 (2), 93 (1991). Presented at the AAPT Summer Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 1991.

"Theoretical Studies of Proton Beams in Solar Flare Loops." BAAS 22 (2), 846 (1990). Presented at the 176th Meeting of the AAS, Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 1990.

"On the Stability of Super-Alfvenic Proton Beams in Solar Flare Loops." BAPS 34 (4), 1284 (1989). Presented at the APS "Topical Conference on Plasma Astrophysics", Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 1988.

"Alfven Wave Growth Driven by Streaming Protons in Coronal Loops." BAAS 19 (3), 943 (1987). Presented at the AAS Solar Physics Division Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 1987.

"Current Earth Gravity Models for Spacecraft Trajectory Simulation." AAPT Announcer 2 (2), 72 (1981). Presented at the AAPT Summer Meeting, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, June 1981.

Honors and Awards
1990    Donald E. Billings Award in Astro-Geophysics

Professional Affiliations
  • American Astronomical Society (AAS)
  • American Physical Society (APS)
  • American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)
  • Wisconsin Assocaition of Physics Teachers (WAPT)
  • Semiotic Society of America (SSA)
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