​Faculty Research

 Philosophy Faculty Research

​Dr. David Chan
chanDavid Chan's research interests include moral psychology, virtue ethics, the ethics of war, medical ethics, and Greek philosophy. He is the author of Beyond Just War:  A Virtue Ethics Approach (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) and is finishing a book on action theory.
Dr. Chris Diehm
diehmChris Diehm came to UWSP in 2005 and has served as coordinator of the Environmental Ethics program since 2006.
Dr. Charles Joshua Horn
hornJoshua Horn's research interests include the History of Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, and Social and Political Philosophy.  He also maintains an active interest in connecting philosophy to issues in popular culture--especially video games.
​Dr. Dôna Warren
warrenWinner of the 2009 Regents Teaching Excellence Award, Dôna Warren comes from a long line of educators and is interested in anything having to do with teaching. She has a special passion for issues surrounding the teaching of critical thinking and symbolic logic.

 Religious Studies Faculty Research

Dr. Alice Keefe
Picture of Dr. KeefeProfessor Alice Keefe's area of academic specialization is women and religion and she has published on the topics of female and sexual imagery in the Hebrew Bible.
Dr. Shanny Luft
Shanny Luft teaches in the areas of American religious history, Judaism, Christianity, and religion and popular culture. He is currently writing on the topics of Christians and cinema, religion and video games, and the Devil in popular culture.
Luke Whitmore
Luke Whitmore specializes in Asian Religions (Hinduism and Buddhism), and especially the relationship between place, visual culture, narrative, and popular practice in South Asian religions.
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