Clint W. Jones

Lecturer of Philosophy


Ph.D. — Social Theory Certification, University of Kentucky
M.A. Social Theory Certification, University of Kentucky
B.A. — Philosophy, History, Transylvania University
Curriculum Vitae (P​DF​)

Areas of Specialization

Social and Political Philosophy
Environmental Philosophy

Areas of Competence

Time Periods: Ancient, Modern, 19th and 20th Century
Topics: Applied Ethical Theory, Aesthetics


Sole Author Manuscripts: 
Æpocalyptic Æcology: Cataclysmic Life and the Environment in Post 
Annihilation Graphic Novels, McFarland Press, [Forthcoming, Fall 2018] 
A Genealogy of Social Violence: Founding Murder, Mimetic Justice, and the 
Future of the Family, Ashgate Publishing Company, 2013. 227 pages. 2 

Edited Volumes: 
Essays on the World of Walt Longmire: A Critical Anthology, eds. Rachel Schaffer, John 
Scaggs & Clint Jones, McFarland Press, [Forthcoming] 
The Individual and Utopia: A Multidisciplinary Study of Humanity and 
Perfection, eds. Clint Jones and Cameron Ellis, Ashgate Publishing 
Company, 2015. 337 pages. 

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles: 
“From Scalawag to Seasteader: Pirate Societies as a Blueprint for Modern Conceptions of 
Utopia” [Prize essay submission—Forthcoming Fall 2018] 
“Re-Conceiving the Concept of Stewardship: Coal Production and the Importance 
of a New Christian Context for Appalachia” co-author Reverend Marshall Jolly, Journal of Appalachian Studies, vol. 21 no. 1 (Spring 2015): 33-48. 
“The Misadventures of Enrique Chagoya: Aesthetic Marginalization in LGBTQ 
Interpretations of Jesus” Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideology 
vol. 12 issue 35 (Summer 2013): 3-25. 

Chapters in Edited Volumes: 
“Piratical Societies as the Blueprint for Social Utopia” Pirates: Lifting the Jolly Roger in 
History and Popular Culture, ed. Antonio Sanna, McFarland Press, [Forthcoming] 
“Re-Creating the American Cowboy Mythos in the 21st Century” Essays on the 
World of Walt Longmire: A Critical Anthology, eds. Rachel Schaffer, John 
Scaggs & Clint Jones, McFarland Press, [Forthcoming] 
“No One Would Surrender to the Dread Pirate Roberts: Mythmaking, Social 
Stability, and The Princess BrideThe Princess Bride and Philosophy, Open 
Court Publishing, (2015): 233-244. 
“Dis-abling Utopia: Architecture and the Imperfect Body” The Individual and 
Utopia: A Multidisciplinary Study of Humanity and Perfection, co-author 
Jen Rinaldi, Ashgate Publishing, (2015): 225-241. 
“The Crimes of Old King Coal” Justified and Philosophy, Open Court Publishing, 
(2015): 29-39. 
“Hedonism and Unholy Writ” The Devil and Philosophy, Open Court Publishing, 
(2014): 293-301. 
“Another Response to Magus Gilmore” The Devil and Philosophy, Open Court 
Publishing, (2014): 315-318. *In text debate with Magus Peter Gilmore, High 
Priest of The Church of Satan, regarding the use of Epicurean philosophy in Satanism* 
“Utopia, Limbo, and the Paradox of Idyllic Hope” Inception and Philosophy
Wiley-Blackwell Publications, (2011): 265-275. 
“A Prescription for Spiritual Health in the Intersections of Christian and Islamic 
Ecopoetry” Falsafa: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Things of Spirit
Springer Publications, (2011): 191-208. 

Book Reviews and Proceedings: 
Book Review, “Religion and Resistance in Appalachia,” Joseph D. Witt, Politics & Religion
[Forthcoming, Spring 2018]. 
Book Review “Foucault and the Government of Disability,” Shelley Tremain, 
editor, Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, vol. 5 no 4 (Fall 2016): 223-226. 
“Omission Impossible: An Argument for Absences as Causes” World 
Metaphysics Congress Proceedings (November 2012): online. 
Book Review, “Is Scientific Knowledge Rational?” Halil Rahman Açar, Journal 
of Philosophy East and West, vol 59 no 4 (October 2009): 561-62. 

Works in Progress: 
“Techno-Eroticism: Marcuse and The Politics of Friendship in the Age of Social Media” [Journal Article, Under Revision] 
“Rene Girard and John Rawls: A Critique of Justice as Fairness in the Mimetic 
Family” [Journal Article, Under Review] 

Honors, Fellowships, Awards
National Endowment for the Humanities, Summer Institute 2018 
Prize Essay, SSCA, Argumentation and Forensics Division 2014 
Outstanding TA Teaching Award, University of Kentucky 2012-2013 
Kenneth M. Roemer Innovative Course Design Award, $200 2012 
Connections Teaching Award, Eastern Kentucky University 2012 
David Carter Memorial Award, Best Tournament Debate Coach 2011 
Kentucky Forensics Association, Debate Coach of the Year 2010-2011 
International Travel Grant (competitive), Graduate School, $800 2009, 2011, 2013 
Domestic Travel Grant (competitive), Graduate School, $400 2010, 2012 
Travel Grant (competitive), Departmental Award, $500 2009-2013 
Summer Teaching Research Grant, University of Kentucky 
Departmental Award, $500 2010 
Teaching Assistantship, University of Kentucky 2007-2013 
Ruchman History Award, Transylvania University 2005 
Buchanon Philosophy Award, Transylvania University 2005 
Undergraduate Summer Research Grant, $500 2004 

Departmental Service
University Common Council, College of Letters and Science  Representative, UW-Stevens Point 2017-2018 
Faculty Adviser, Tau Kappa Epsilon, UW-Stevens Point 2014-2015 
Graduate Representative, Department Speaker Series Committee 2012-2013 
President, Philosophy Graduate Student Association, UK 2009-2010 
Co-Chair, Graduate Philosophy Conference 2010 
Student Representative, The Graduate Council, UK 2009 
Student Representative, Graduate Student Congress, UK 2008-2009 
Secretary, Philosophy Graduate Student Association, UK 2007-2008 
Referee of Papers, PGSA Conference, UK 2007-2012 

Other Professional Activity
At-large member, Steering Committee, Society for Utopian Studies 2016-2018 
Vice President, Kentucky Philosophical Association 2017-2018 
Program Chair, Society for Utopian Studies 2015 
Referee, Radical Philosophy Studies 2015 
Referee, Journal of Utopian Studies 2015 
Referee, The Austrian Science Fund 2014 
Co-organizer, International Herbert Marcuse Society Conference 2013 
Governor, Southeast Region, Pi Kappa Delta Forensics Association 2011-2013 
Co-Organizer, AAPT/APA Interactive Teaching Workshop 2012 
Committee Member, Kentucky Philosophical Association 
Financial Restructuring Subcommittee 2011 10 
Lieutenant Governor, Southeastern Region, Pi Kappa Delta Forensics Association 2009-2011 
Founding Member, Kentucky Collegiate Forensics Journal 2010 
Editorial Board, Interview Editor, disClosure 2009-2010 
Referee, disClosure: Journal of Social Theory 2009-2010 
President, Kentucky Forensics Association 2008-2009 

American Philosophical Association 
American Philosophical Society 
Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy 
American Association of Philosophy Teachers 
Kentucky Philosophical Association 
Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Omega Zeta Chapter, Two-Year School Honor Society 
Holleian Society, Transylvania University Honors Society 
Phi Alpha Theta, Nu Delta Chapter, History Scholars Honor Society 
Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha, National Forensics Honor Society 
Pi Kappa Delta, National Forensics Honor Society 

Contact Information
​Office:​CCC 415


​19th/20th Century Philosophy
Medical Ethics
Social and Political Philosophy
Environmental Ethics
Apocalyptic Ecology and Pop Culture
Introduction to Philosophy